somebody get the lights

hello young lovers.  looking for a soundtrack to get the mood right?  this might be a stretch for the conservative love machines, but dig what's bumping on valentine's day.

* let's fall in love - diana krall.  i learned this tune when i first moved to wyoming.  she can play, sing, and certainly looks the part.
* i've got a crush on you - steve tyrell.  my boss hipped me to this guy.  he was right - i swear i hear this fella when the credits roll at the end of every romantic comedy.
* if i was your girlfriend - prince.  i went through two cassette recordings of "sign o' the times", and count prince as my number one early influence.

* our love is here to stay - ella fitzgerald & louis armstrong.  the quintessential jazz duo.  her innocence and his grit, perfect foils to each other.
* ascension (don't ever wonder) - maxwell.  falsetto, an afro, and a nice slow jam vibe.
* my funny valentine - miles davis quintet.  you had me at red garland's intro.  the harmon is a nice touch too.

* happy valentine's day - andre 3000.  anything that he touches gets drenched in his swagger.  cool groove, songwriting that might miss the mark but still punches, and peculiar enough to stay catchy.
* embraceable you - hakon kornstad & havard wiik.  this guys sounds awesome.  i found him while following the branches out of bassist eivind opsvik.  hakon does an incredible looping bass saxophone & tenor lines tune oslo.  
* moody's mood for love - brian mcknight & take 6.  fun eddie jefferson take with peerless vocal backs from the top shelf.

* blue valentines - tom waits.  what a wonderful artist!  he has so much character in everything that he does.  johnathan crawford turned me on to this iconoclast.  i am reading his collection of essays, profiles, and interviews.  super cool guy.  an acquired taste.
ladies love chest rockwell - lovage.  actually, you could pick anything off this record.  mike patton, dan the automator (from handsome boy modeling school), kid koala on the wheels of steel.  quirky and raunchy.
* just kiss me - harry connick jr.  smoking final track off the album "blue light red light".  my friends were into this record back in my vocal jazz days.  my dear friend erin and i used to do he is they are.  "aw, say it man!"

your love is my drug - ke$ha.  you caught me.  she is my guilty pleasure these days.  wonderful tunes, weird album covers, and clever use of the shift key.
like someone in love - django bates.  from the incredible album "quiet nights" on screwgun.  a super original take on a standard gem, and a vocalist to die for.
* i love every little thing about you - stevie wonder.  wait for it... big ole' piece of cake.

doubting the success rate of this playlist?  just remember - the man who delivered me when i was born is named dr. cool (spelled differently, but that would kill the message here).

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