a month of gracias vol. 1

1st - i am thankful that i'm developing enough wherewithal to know not to embarrass my kids in public.  i approached simon at a basketball practice, attempting to be discrete.  i know he doesn't want me to talk about his game, but i wanted to point something out to him that we had been discussing earlier.  he quickly hopped up, scooted over to me, listened intently to my brief observation, and then thanked me for coming to the practice. are you kidding me?

2nd - i like being able to taste yummy food.  i ate some boston cream pie toaster strudels for breakfast this morning and - lemme tell ya - they were divine.  appreciating the finer things in the breakfast world is something i often overlook.  not today. also, not thankful for my ability to abruptly learn that some foods taste like garbage, but i suppose that comes with the territory.

3rd - i get to watch my kids grow from boys to men (somebody cue johnny gill).  my story is a long & complicated one, but the short version is that i am blessed to have two wonderful sons.  parenthood really is the greatest thing.  i am thankful for a society, our society, that trusts young people with earned privileges.  simon got his driver's permit, and i've already sprouted more grey hair and pushed a hole clean through the floor board of the passenger's side.

4th - my wife is the best.  i am high anxiety, quirky, hog the remote, overflow with ocd, and interrupt too often (i've learned that ever is too often).  my wife puts up with my obsessive tendencies, and i am thankful for that.  she smurked and shook her head after enduring a 36 hour period where i visited three target (in three different towns) searching for clearanced-out halloween nutcracker characters.  they were on sale and are awesome.  do we need them?  no.  do we need five of them?  heck no.  am i a happy camper?  you bet.

5th - i am thankful for falsetto.  it is the greatest thing. i can sing whatever i hear in my head without much fatigue, was able to keep up with all of those prince records as a kid, and have bobby mcferrin around to justify the whole thing.

6th - i'm glad i live in iowa.  i used to dream of living on the west coast, thought i was supposed to live on the east coast, and didn't want to move out of the twin cities.  i still wish i lived there, but hey - iowa is great.  we have all four seasons, we can afford to buy a house, i can do as much music as i want, and we aren't getting crushed by gas prices.  it's nice here, simple, beautiful.  ok iowa, you win.

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