the giddy vol. 11 - father's day edition

cannonball adderley one for daddy-o somethin' else 
this tune reeks of quintessential cannonball.  time to stretch, space to burn, moments for heavy vibe.  i don't really care for too many alto players, but cannonball is always somebody i have in mind when i forage through hard bop settings.  his sound is full of joy and tenacity, and the tunes he sits within most comfortably allow him to shine.

big daddy kane i get the job done - it's a big daddy thing
i'm not sure i ever really thought kane was a good rapper, but damn this is one smooth character.  great stage name, cool album titles, and clever analogies (seriously - who do you know that can work debarge and calgon into the same verse?) the self-proclaimed "tasty side order" is still getting it done, as witnessed on the dave chappelle block party flick.

ricky skaggs my father's son - brand new strings
i've always loved that nasal diphthong bag from which ricky skaggs sits & spins.  the smooth blend of simplicity and complexity found in good bluegrass music has given me a musical second wind.  i am becoming obsessed with figuring out how to make it work in my own musical pursuits.  the sentiment of these lyrics reflecting my upbringing is an obvious bonus.

johnny cash daddy sang bass - live at san quentin
i love johnny cash's deep rolling voice and the earnest delivery he unabashedly lays out alongside his western swagger.  i doubly love the irony that my daddy, a fun-loving tone-deaf trucker, can't hold a tune in a bucket.  don't make me no never mind.  i love him just the same (and get plenty of comic relief from his occasional singing performances).

marilyn crispell little song for my father - vignettes
this is such a beautiful album.  i learned of marilyn through her work with the braxton quartet.  i took a chance on this ecm cut, and it does not disappoint.  her solo inventions are hauntingly captivating.  i can feel her touch through my headphones, and am led through her thought process in the same way that mahler and hindemith welcomed their listeners.

bennie wallace big jim does the tango for you
my old jazz teacher hipped me to bennie's big swinging bite. dave holland and elvin jones round out the trio.  bennie has a captivating vertical sensibility and an obvious working knowledge of old school sultry tenor playing.  he combines dolphy's up & down game with ben webster's breathy shakes at the end of phrases.  refreshing.

george michael father figure - faith
i love love love this tune.  i went through a big george michael phase back in junior high.  i remember buying the "faith" cassette from k-mart (complete with the extra unnecessary plastic comb appendage), only to have my mom turn me back around and return it immediately.  the video is so great.  we did a 3x5 indian raga version of this classic.  

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