real time reviews

i like writing.  i learn a bunch about myself by doing it.  it comes easy to me.  i can collect my thoughts, organize them, and see what they are (tough to do when they are elusively whipping around inside of my head).  i like grammar too, which has always struck me as bizarre.  

i like listening to music.  recordings, live, stuff i'm involved with, most styles. what really turns me on, actually, are the thoughts i have about life when listening to music.  i often think in musical terms initially (this is boring this is great and here's why) and quickly unleash the hounds of my imagination.  i think that the thought process the listener endures is part of the musical experience.  not everyone is going to throw their hands in the air when they hear a clever tritone sub or a random bar of 7/8 or an ellington quote or a triple c.  in fact, i would venture to say that most listeners don't think in those terms at all (could you imagine what type of world we would be living in if everyone nerded out on double bass pedals and #11s?)  

real time reviews are essentially me documenting my thoughts while listening to an album.  stipulations:  

*must be a complete album straight down, no repeats.  in the age of iPod playlists, the art of programming is in risk of becoming extinct.  artists painstakingly select tracks for their new recordings while considering flow and style change for the listener.  they are more concerned with the overall vibe and not necessarily in love with each track equally.

*must be a new artist each time (not 600 miles davis records). i fear being pigeonholed by outright committing to one style of music.  i like a lot of stuff, and they all roll together somehow and make me who i am.  

*must be an honest reflection of what's going on in my head. why do this if i'm not being honest?  i'm not out to sabotage a recording because of a hidden agenda, and nor am i planning to laud an artist's efforts regardless of its quality.  these are instant and fresh opinions on the music and life, and it is crucial that they are innocent and unmolested.

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