four months down

i've needed to take my health seriously for quite some time now.  physical health and mental health, both equally.  the latter is on the docket for 2011 (no, seriously... it is).  i have begun to get the physical end of things sorted out. after my birthday this july, i took a look at myself and thought "uggh... who am i kidding with this?"  i began to see a chiropractor, which has really helped with a bunch of stuff including my eternal battle with indigestion.  i got my diet back on track.  i started a new workout program.  P90X.  i've owned it for two years, still in the wrapper.  i started out being able to kinda do the exercises, and definitely wanted to quit.  i didn't miss any days.  i started on august 23rd (jen's birthday - she also tackled this exercise juggernaut) and finished it today on december 23rd.  i was pretty sure i wouldn't like the yoga, which turned out to be the best part. i wondered where my abdominal muscles went, and have unearthed them.  i did 42 pull-ups my first week and laughed at the thought of doing 120+ like the folks in the video.  i maxed out with 124 pull-ups and laughed all the while.

my kid sister won a big contest in nebraska several years back through gold's gym.  her before and after pics won her a lifetime membership to gold's (wonder if she'll see the hulkster) and a big sack of cash.  her photos were outrageous. i couldn't believe that she a) did the transformation, and b) actually took the pics.  i suspended my pride and had sonja shoot me in the front room of our house.  i couldn't stop laughing back in august, and couldn't stop beaming today.  i learned a lot from doing this too.  i plan to continue in january with the next series of dvds, tighten up my diet, and be ready to ... i don't know ... wrestle a bear or something.

well that's embarassing
look out ladies
ok ... now we're talking
i've grown a mustache too

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