who i am

that's me alright, giving 110%
mike giles is a vibrant and accessible musician, exceptional in both the classroom and the concert hall.  he won’t eat beans. a commitment to original music and inventive approaches to song forms has made him a recognizable voice throughout the midwest. his dad is a retired truck driver, his mom a lunchlady, and his sister a scientist.  his varied skill set and diverse musical background has given him a unique perspective on music, which he has successfully paired in areas of both education and performance.  he hates fluorescent lighting.  mike is active as an improviser and composer, working with eclectic mixes of personalities and instrumentation.  he is fighting a losing battle with ear hair.  giles is in high demand as a clinician and guest artist.  mike can’t read a map to save his life. he has released several albums to high acclaim and has been showcased at many reknown concert venues and festivals worldwide. he has 3 cats, 2 kids, and 1 wife. that's plenty. 

i don't play accordion.  i'm just holding this one.

working the beastie boys lens