a month of gracias vol. 3

13th - our world is a better place because of second chances. i bombed my first music school entrance exam, and immediately went and dropped the major.  my teacher phil got me back on track, helping me wipe the egg off of my face.  i rarely practiced and flopped routinely, but my teacher rapson worked it out with me and gave me multiple opportunities to prove myself.  mc hammer was just invited to get legit on that korean dance craze tune i've never heard before.  people screw up, make poor choices, but often pay back your faith and patience when given the chance.  thanks to those that took a flier (with questionable promise) on me.  i'm still going.

14th - i used to think that i couldn't hold a conversation with anyone else if the subject matter wasn't about records. i am fortunate to have music in every nook of my life; my job, my free time, my passion, my expertise, my social life. i spend many many of my weekends with parents of 8th grade boys, all of whom are on my son's aau basketball team.  these people like me for who i am, not sizing me up or questioning my upcoming gigs.  a contractor, a d.o.t. guy, a farmer, a home-ec teacher, a windows guy, an accountant, an apartment super, and a marketing wiz.  we are hoarse from screaming at our kids, and our cars reek with adolescent fumes.

15th - many people post inspiring quotes (and those oft-hilarious ecards), and i occasionally read and appreciate the sentiment.  our first lady organizes her thoughts and states them eloquently, while paying extra detail to the classy font.

16th - technology is pretty slick, and i'm lucky to be living in a society of constant updates.  i am routinely impressed that youtube has so many cool things on it and flattered that friends think to tag me in their reflective posts on said videos.  my friend kyle hipped me to the axis saxophone quartet, something that i may never have dug around for and discovered.  what a great learning tool for musicians of all walks, and a killing foursome to boot.

17th - i am blessed to routinely work with great sound guys. getting someone that is cool to talk with, actually understands what kind of sound you are gunning for, and can figure out which buttons to push is literally the live music hat trick.  first three people to make nice with?  the secretary, the custodian, and the sound guy.

18th - i spent this afternoon getting pampered with the wife and our friend heather at the local aveda salon.  man, smelling good is underrated.  the aveda gals were so nice and professional and smiley towards me, an obvious fish out of water.  they hooked me up with a couple glasses of champagne, a facial, a chair massage, some lip treatment, a deep conditioner, and the first parted hair style i've sported since 1979.  thanks to my stylist sam for taking good care of me, and to the wife for convincing me to give this a shot.

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