the obligatory

i'm very fortunate - this i know - for the Bible tells me so (which, although i'm being a bit snarky here and haven't really delved into the Bible lately, does indeed let me know that everything's gonna be alright and God's got my back anytime i need it).  i am very thankful on a regular basis, and aware of my blessings.  here is my public declaration of gratitude.

my family.  my two sons are the best things in the whole world (with caramel corn coming in a close second), willing to watch the same peyton manning snl skit over and over with me.  my wife is unbelievably stable and patient, qualities she has definitely put into overdrive since getting to know me. jennifer has become a wonderful augmentation to our family. my folks are into their thing, which drove me crazy forEVER, but now i get it and appreciate that.  my kid sister is an amazing woman and living right.

my friends.  multiple levels - those that really get me, those that want to get me, those that i've known for years, those that i see only occasionally, those that i have yet to make there acquaintance, and the facebook universe (a very different but pretty cool type of friend).

my health.  i can walk.  i can talk.  i can smell.  i can see. i can hear.  i can taste.  i'm not keeling over in discomfort. my head is kinda screwed up, leaving me with dangerously low lows but rewarding me with unbelievable highs. i can deal with that (actually i can't, but that's a forthcoming post).

my musical experiences, large and small alike.  i had the joy of playing a creative gig with the legendary bassist susie miget last weekend, and she made an interesting point to me about improvising.  she thought that we were so fortunate to be able to play the most amazing game together - improvising. i never really focus on the joy involved, being preoccupied with the skills i needed and evaluating my real time performance.  she is absolutely right.  playing with creative folks in wide open situations is so challenging and fascinating and exhilarating and rewarding.  i learn so much about myself and the other contributors and how i understand art, and i'm having FUN doing it.   i also get access to the inner game of music and art when i listen to others take their hacks.  i feel incredibly fortunate.

i'm also thankful for my new camera, the nikon d3100.
i'll be even more thankful when i have any clue how to use it.

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  1. The references to naughty by nature and Jesus loves me in the same sentence are so you. Its just the type of thing that keeps me reading, and listening to your work-

    Mike Giles is reverently irreverent in a very good way.