phew 2

  • i'm letting my life get too busy, and the stuff that ends up on the chopping block is the same stuff that i really want to rework.  although washing dishes and doing loads of laundry is therapeutic to me (and it is) (weird, i know), that can't be what defines me.  
  • my eating has been pretty solid.  breakfast, bigger lunch, sensible dinner.  i screwed up once by forgetting to eat anything throughout the day and then devouring an entire jack's "the works" pizza at 10:30 p.m.  slept like a baby, but felt like i had gained 20 lbs. overnight.  hopefully i didn't.
  • practicing piano, mainstage midi stuff, some saxophone, but not journaling about much of it.
  • still reluctant to dive face-first into a workout routine. nervous to find out what 90 days off really feels like, scavenging for reasons to not yet commit.
  • i guess i should have seen a dip in my "new me" crusade coming, but i'm gonna fight through it.  

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