i figured brief updates about my progress are sufficient for casual readers and enough for those going at it in tandem.


  • after two weeks, i have come to realize that this is not an immediate process.  turning a cruise liner around requires a wider turning axis.  i'm digging into this, but it's gonna take a while.
  • mere journaling is holding my accountable for my every move.  i'm practicing more because a) i want to, b) i sound better when i do, and c) i feel like shit when i log zero minutes.  noting my meals, workouts, and listening adventures follow suit.
  • i'm eating breakfast, which is a rarity.  me and cap'n crunch are becoming fast friends.  i'm waking up my vehicle by stretching and challenging it with cardio.  i've fallen for my iPod all over again, listening to angelica sanchez, aloe blacc, joni mitchell, neon trees, love-cars, john hollenbeck, and recordings i cited for a low brass jazz lecture.
  • really really glad i'm doing this.  it's working!!!

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